اکتبر 2, 2022

رهام چت

چت آنلاین

Health guide, 'A Woman's Book of Life' comes out ‎

Health guide,


According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated by Qeytas Mardanirad and released by No Publishing in Tehran.
'A Woman's Book of Life' teaches women how to align with the physical changes that occur at every stage of life in order to maximize health and well-being. In the growth of early childhood, hormonal ups and downs, the possibility of childbearing, and growing older are powerful keys to unlocking a woman's potential.
Those notorious temperature changes in menopause are not hot flashes, they're power surges, and ‘A Woman's Book of Life’ traces the compelling biopsychospiritual reality of the move into authentic power at midlife.
This is a book for any woman, of any generation. It allows the reader to look back and see the forgotten gifts of childhood, or to look ahead in celebration of what's to come. Whatever her age, no woman will be able to come away from this book without a greater appreciation for who women are, in their bodies, their emotions, their souls. Borysenko offers a rare chance to understand the gifts of being female and to celebrate the power of the feminine life cycle.
'A Woman's Book of Life' in Persian has been published in 386 pages and 1100 copies.  


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